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Water…Energy Cost Factor

I’ve had the good fortune to occasionally talk with Dr. Jim Fenton, Professor of Engineering at UCF and Director of the Florida Solar Energy Center. He has been a longtime and increasingly optimistic advocate for solar energy, particularly photovoltaic electricity … Continue reading

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Free Money…Invest now

In his New York Times article, July 27, 2012 July 27, 2012 Paul Krugman discusses current interest rates, policy, and the economy in general. While the economy struggles and unemployment remains stubbornly high, interest rates are at historical lows. The … Continue reading

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Living Dangerously….Ignoring Climate Risk

Living Dangerously….Ignoring Climate Risk Death and taxes, the only sure things. Everything else, you take your chances. It’s all about probabilities. We calculate continuously. It starts first thing in the morning, with something along the lines of “what is the … Continue reading

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Natural gas prices 2010-2011…an interesting chart

The price of gasoline at the pump has come down a bit. Since we all know it follows the price of crude oil, more or less, it’s a good bet the average man or woman on the street would venture … Continue reading

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A Win in Court….CO2 will be regulated.

The path to regulation of greenhouse gas emissions has been tortured, to put it mildly. No wonder. There’s big money involved. Those most concerned with climate change and those of us invested in commerce to bring about the needed CO2 … Continue reading

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Fixed income (near) zero….It’s easy to beat the bank.

What do you think of those CD rates? On a five year maybe you can get 1.75%. You won’t be living high on that fixed income. Here’s how you can do way better. Buy an electric car or a plug-in … Continue reading

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Managing wealth….all of it

Hedge funds, private equity, the one percent, Warren Buffet, the oil boom in North Dakota….are all in the news partly because we’re intrigued by wealth. Most of us would like to have more of it. In the news too are … Continue reading

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